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Since you found us, it's a great start.


If you have been given a leaflet, and just here to check us out, take it as a compliment :-) Someone who works for me obviously thought you are great looking!


Please read all sections of the site, as FAQ and references have some useful info.


Check out my published work, and the glamour gallery.


Have a think on whether you are interested in giving modeling a go. Or maybe you just want to get some easy money without taking it too seriously which is also alright.


If you are planning on asking your partner or parents for permission please do so now.


Game to try? Don't be shy, I'm a female photographer who did modeling as well for 6 years! Mostly glamour, nude and artistic. I've also very recently done some more magazine work, just to make girls I shoot feel more comfortable. I don't ask you to do anything I haven't done myself ;-)


What got me in to photography was helping people raise their self esteem. I was a right tom boy growing up, and frankly thought I'm dead ugly, with acne covering my face. My career in modeling gave me so much confidence, it's unbelievable. I'm trying to do the same to other girls.

Whether you think of yourself as the 'it' the sex bomb of the century, or if think you are just a grey mouse that no one notices, this is your opportunity to prove to the world you are someone unique and beautiful.


Fill in the application form as best you could and attach a few clear, recent images of yourself. I need a head shot without make up and a full body shot preferably in a bikini or nude. No airbrushed or tweaked images please. I need to see the real you.





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