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Alexa's use of light and composition - not to mention her access to some of the Country's most beautiful women - ensures her continued contibutor photographer status at Australian Penthouse magazine.

Suzan Ryan

Alexa Star is a woman of her word, she is the most down to earth and the coolest female photographer I have ever worked with. Alexa makes you feel so comfortable and makes you look great on every angle. She is reliable, and prompt with her timing of the shoot. The more shoots you do, the more money you can make. Alexa Star has great connections, so you'll be extremely satisfied that your doing business with her. It's quick, easy and fun! What more can I say... Get started now

Lara Lee

Hey Alexa,
I just did a phone interview with 100% and they are publishing 6 pages! I wondered if you were planning on submitting any shots we've done to any other mags? It's too bad I'm leaving Aus so soon! I had no idea it was this fun and this lucrative :) Do you know anyone in Canada...a photographer or anyone that is in your line of work? Thanks!

Hi Alexa,

I just wanted to let you know that i have received payment from Picture Magazine for the shoot taken by you last month and to thank you for a wonderful experience.

I had a lot of fun and if anything should come up in the future i would love to work with you again.

Thank you again Alexa,


Alexa is the photographer who helped me to into modeling industry and past 1 and half year I've done several shoots with her for magazines such like people, picture and penthouse etc.


I had no modeling experience or anything until I've met her, so I was quite nervous at the first shoot but she helped me at everything like wardrobe, make up etc (she even showed me some poses!) so I ended up having so much fun that day.


Her studio is beautiful. There's wardrobe for modeling, music's always on. It's really fun to place to shoot at!

You will be paid from magazine, by check or bank deposit around a week before the magazine comes out.
It's pretty exciting seeing myself in magazine!


Thanks to alexa for helping me at getting into modeling and hope all of you girls have a fun shoot with her!

Momoka Maruyama

22nd, January 2011

I have had the pleasure of using Alexa Star to shoot my models for close to a year now. During that time I have found her to be extremely dedicated, professional and a lovely person to work with. She is reliable, efficient and works very fast ensuring my models are published and paid as quickly as possible.


My models have also had marvellous things to say about Alexa and have felt comfortable being able to work with a female photographer. Every model I have referred has been published with many being invited back for subsequent shoots.


I would not hesitate to recommend Alexa to any aspiring glamour model or client.


Melissa Booth
Women Who Roar Models

Experience With Beauty
With nervous feeling I walked into the photography studio of Alexa Star. What surprised me was that Alexa was a so sweet, considerate and sincere lady! When she knew that I was tired and hungry after a long travel, she even sent me a cup of fragrant tea and sweet chocolate, which touched me a lot and made me feel that I was meeting a good friend instead of a professional photographer. I immediately felt relaxed and secure staying with this sweet and tender lady in this comfort and pretty studio. I am so enjoying the whole process of expressing my body and shoot by her - relaxing, respectful and comfortable. And I am so appreciate the style of Alexa’s photos - not only sexy, but also artistic. She is a wonderful model and talent photographer! It is definitely a great luck for new girls who want to be models to meet with Alexa Star! Deeply thanks to you, Alexa! Thank you for sending me so sexy and beautiful gift in my birthday!


Alexa is the best photographer I've worked with so far. It is very hard to find one with such great attitude, sincerity and professionalism in this field, and I was absolutely delighted to become her model and friend! Alexa also offered a variety of projects, very considerate and supportive (not pushy like others that I've known). I was very disappointed to hear she had moved to Melbourne. I hope all the best for her business and career, and will continue to shoot with Alexa as long as she's still got jobs for me.


Hi Alexa,
Picture called me in early July and People called me last week. I was busy with arranging the exhibition of traveling watercolor paintings in July. Sorry for late noticing you.

Well, Thank you a lot lot lot lot.

It was really a good experience of life.
Best Regards

Hi Alexa,
Good-day to you. Am sorry, i couldn't find the second publisher magazine, I forgot the name of the magazine, i was wondering if the publisher send you the sample of the magazines? I brought the first one but i could not remember the second one. I thanked you very much, you gave me confident in my figure and i like the shoot. Also, please mail me the shoot you took.
Looking forward from you.
Thank you,

Alexa is a great photographer to work with, I have done three shoots with her so far. She has always made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She inspires and captures my true sexy self on camera, and I have loved every picture she has taken of me. Her nature is a quite, determined, calm and professional. I wish there more photographer like her!

Gemma Kelly
Alias Shakira


I first met Alexa Star in 2007 after responding to her ad on Gumtree looking for models to pose for men's magazines. In need of some extra cash, and comfortable with my body, I decided to give the nude modelling a go. I emailed and spoke to Alexa on the phone first before going to the studio she had set up at her home. She showed me some of her work, discussed props and positions, and explained the process of payment (which I received within a couple of weeks from the magazines).

Posing for another woman made me feel much less self-conscious than if the photographer had been a man. Alexa put me at ease, directed me how to pose and was very professional. The photos were tasteful and seductive (apart from one where I chose to be a bit more erotic !). Since the first shoot I have worked with Alexa several times; the last photo session being at my home. Altogether I have appeared in 5 magazines and earnt a total of $1700. I wish Alexa hadn't moved to Melbourne because it's about time I did another shoot!

Melissa Hilton






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