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Q: Do you accept girls of all sizes?
A: Some clients and some sections of magazines are happy with all sizes and shapes. However the majority of my clients are after the typical model look, for fashion: slim, very tall, strong feminine facial features. For glamour, curvy, size 6 - 12 but in a good proportion, bra size B+, perky breasts, attractive face. Those are the feature material in magazines.


Q: Can Asian girls also apply?
A: Of course. Magazines love Asian looks. All nationalities are welcome.


Q: What about privacy during shoots?
A: There is myself and my lighting assistant who is also a photographer. The make-up Artist if she is required is there for any touch-ups that may be required, but she can leave if you would like. I shoot with long lenses, so I'm not in your face, but on the opposite side of the room.


Q: Am I guaranteed to get paid?
A: If we are shooting for a client, you get paid the same day in cash or sometimes by cheque. If we are shooting for magazines, you get paid by cheque some weeks after the shoot. If you have been accepted you will definitely get paid. Magazines I shoot for belong to very large Australian publishing houses.


Q: What should I bring?
A: Depending on what we are doing, I always email the whole list, but in general 2 forms of Photo ID - like passport, Birth Certificate or drivers license needed to make sure you are over 18. Heels, 2x lingerie sets, make up (unless you have booked ours), hair brush, any hair products you are using (again only if you are not booking our MUA).


Q: How do I prepare for a shoot?
A: The body should be waxed / shaved neatly, no under arm or leg hair, the public hair is usually up to you, but a thin strip is preferable. Eyebrow wax is essential as eyebrows frame the face. Make sure you don't have any lip hair. A good quality fake tan is recommended if you are really white or have bad tan lines. Nails neat and french manicure or plain glossy nail polish. Fake nails are fine but no glue on nails.


Q: I have some scarring and a bruise, would that be OK?
A: Minor scaring, acne, bruises are all fine, images get airbrushed before publication.


Q: I have many tatts, would that be a problem?
A: Magazines love tattoos, so no issue there. However many of my clients won't use a girl with tattoos, so the jobs are limited.


Q: Can I bring someone along to the shoot?

A: Yes if it makes you feel more comfortable. However in my experience girls relax and pose better without family or friends watching them. A supportive boyfriend might turn nasty on the day, and we really don't like having private fights / arguments or tears during the shoot. Also girls often look at their friend instead of the camera, so the photos are unusable and shoot takes that much longer. If you feel insecure the best way is to bring someone along to say hello, and to have that person wait nearby. There are coffee shops nearby.


Q: How long does a shoot take?
A: Magazine shoot in studio about half hour to an hour all up. On location or any following shoots could take up to 2 hours.


Q: Do I do my own hair and make up?
A: Depending on the assignment. For magazines, you can get a professional make up artist and hair stylist at a discount price. Otherwise you are welcome to do your own, but a professional make up is always recommended.


Q: Where are you located?
A: Studio is in Buderim Sunshine Coast Queensland.


Q: Do you come to other states?

A: Yes, quite often to Sydney and Melbourne. Add my FB page to see when I'm traveling next - AlexaStar Snapper or email me to get on the list.


Q: How much money is it possible to make working with you?
A: The sky is the limit for the right person. One girl made $8000 in 1.5 days of shooting with me. If you have the right look and attitude, are reliable and keen, you can have modeling as your full time job.


Q: I'm a total beginner, wouldn't have a clue what to do.
A: That's perfectly all right. Most of the girls we shoot are new to the industry. I help with posing, and brief you on all that you need to know and do.






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