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Welcome to my information page.


This is one of my web sites, it's dedicated to my glamour work, men's magazines, artistic , and other glamour nude work I do.


If an unclothed body of a human female offends you, please leave now. If you are under 18, unfortunately you will have to leave as well, and come visit back on your 18th birthday :-)


Now the question is, would you like to be a desired star in a men's glamour magazine? Experience a fun and empowering photo shoot, get photos to keep AND get paid for it?

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What's involved


Please read the info below, check out my galleries and FAQ page.


First of all you must be over 18 years old, 17 and 11 months won't work.


Styles: Topless | Art Nude | Erotic Nude


Magazine Pay structure: 


You get cheques directly from the magazines.
Pay starts from $150 per page published per magazine. (Depending on the section of the mag).
If we are shooting for 3 magazines, the pay starts from $450 and goes up to $3600 (if you are the cover and feature girl).

You keep all the money as the magazines pay me separately.


Once you've been published, I give you the photos to keep. (I send them to you by email - web resolution).


We can shoot for the same magazines every 4 months.


*** Tour Notice ***

Alexa will be touring Melbourne : November 11th to 17th 2015.

Places will be limited.

email for package and availability information.


On the day when you come in:


I'll show you the magazines and my name in them, so you know I'm for real :-). - Let me know if you want to see them on the day.
Then you sign the releases for each of them. I take a photo of you holding photo id as proof of age. 
You can come with hair and make up ready or pay for professional make up artist to do your hair and make up. Ask for current payment. 
We shoot for about 30 - 50 mins for 2 or 3 magazines.


For the shoot I need you to bring 2 lingerie sets (g-string or nice bottoms and a matching bra), heels, make up, hair brush and product 
2 forms of photo id for me to photograph. (Passport, drivers licence or birth certificate).


After the shoot I go through the images, choose the best ones, make contact sheets and submit them by email to the editors, once approved, I post everything in. Later each magazine will call you to ask you a few questions, just to have something written next to your pics, you are free to lie or tell the truth, it doesn't matter, most girls say stupid funny stuff, more interesting you can make the interview, the better!
Then they send you cheque(s) as payment, and after a while the pics get published.


For contact my number is 0433 155 307


Please always SMS me on the day to confirm.


If you cancel less than 24 hours before the booked shoot, I won't be able to reschedule to another time.




If you have a friend or relative who you think would be interested there is a referral payment that I offer. This is a percentage of what I earn from their shoot and does not come from their payment. Think of it as cost of advertising via you.


Some of the clients we've shot for include


Vee Love fashion label
Effigy49 Street fashion
Erox lingerie
Venus lingerie
Wink Clothing
Dreamy lingerie
Hot Roller NRG drink
Supatuff & Thump Boxing
ProRider magazine
Secure a Load


Bump Models agency
Wet'n'Wild calendar
Fast Fours magazine
50's Brotherhood magazine
Australia Penthouse Magazine
Picture magazine
People magazine
Picture 100% magazine
Domai web site

Met-Art web site



A bit about myself.

I'm 31 years old, an ex model, I did modeling for men's magazines and various assignments for a number of years. As a teenager I was helping shoot weddings and bands in a family business in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. When I moved to Australia at the age of 16, I studied natural medicine and practiced for a short while till I decided to pick up the camera again. This time concentrating on shooting glamour, models, for numerous catalogues, fashion shows, men's magazines (as they were all familiar with my work as a model), as well as doing private shoots for couples capturing their most intimate moments, which I really enjoyed. I am not afraid of sexuality, and feel that responsible sexuality exists best in an atmosphere where friendship, love, and intimacy are not scarce and we are liberated from internalised shame.


As a photographer, I believe in bringing out the best in each of my models. Regardless of weight, size, or body shape, each person has a unique personality and inner beauty that can be expressed - if only it is brought out from within. I love to experiment with light, colour, form, and with digital post production to create unique effects. It is my goal to create a different and unique look that adds to the image.


After becoming a mum, in December 08, I found maternity, birth and baby photography a new area to work in that I enjoy.


Beginning of October 2009 I moved with my family to Melbourne and set up a studio in Docklands. We brought all our equipment with us from Sydney, so didn't take long to set up and resume the work I love. In winter 2012 we expended and moved to Balwyn North to huge premises on a double block, with studio space as well as pool. In October 2013 we were attracted to the beautiful weather and quiet of the Sunshine Coast, and moved there. We are still traveling to other states for shoots, but now based in Buderim, Sunshine Coast, QLD.



My general interests include: playing chess, psychology, spirituality (New Age), crystals and essential oils. I also read Tarot cards.


Enjoy going out, listening to Dance and Trance music, dancing, meeting new people.


I love traveling and have visited and worked in UK, USA, Thailand and Israel in the last 10 years.


So don't be shy, I try my best to make models as comfortable as possible, and always respect their privacy. Get in touch and see where it takes you :-)



empowered sexy erotic sensual enticing glamour and lingerie photography for mens magazines





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